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Welcome to Charlotte new look and feel. There will be a few changes with the site over the next few days so we ask for your patients please. Feel free to let us know what you like and don't like. This will help us make the site even better. Thank you.

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Speciality Salads Today!

Today's Salads Are: seafood Salad


Soup of the Day!

Here are the soups for today: Broccoli Cheddar,French Onion, Loaded Potato, Garlic Tomato,


Coffee Flavor of the Day!

Today's Flavor is: Jamacian Me Crazy


Tea Flavor of the Day!

Today's Flavor is: Mango


A unique place to visit with friends and enjoy the wonderful food.

We have daily coffee, soup, tea and lunch specials! Just check with us each day to see what specials we have.


Have a Look at Our Menu

Have a Look at Our Menu

Charlotte's Café staff is dedicated to cooking and serving you only the freshest and tastiest breakfast, lunch, and coffee drinks you’ve ever had.

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Check Our Upcoming Events

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